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BSB Alumni Network Association 

 Have you studied abroad? Would you like to continue developing your links and be part of the BSB social network?

 If yes, then come and join the newly launched BSB Alumni Network Association.

 No matter where you live or study in the world, our Alumni Network is available to you as a tool that can enhance the   global reach of your experience. Throughout this network you will find examples of ways for BSB alumni to engage with   BSB and each other.

 We invite you to explore the many opportunities available, from events at school to educational programming and   network together.

 Most of all, we hope that you will stay involved and stay in touch with "the best place of all – the British School in Baku."







 Imamali Imamalievi - University of Central Florida.

 Hasan Ali - Jacobs university of Bremen

 Orxan Suleymanli -  I won a University of the Kaunas.

 Samad Muradli - University of Nottingham

 Ali Taghiyev - Queen’s University at Kingston

 Namig Nurali-Geneva Business School

 Rafig Mammadov - Coventry University

 Kanan Mammadov - George Washington University

 Aqil Aliyev - James Madison University

 Heyder Aliyev - James Madison University

 Rehim Mehdiyev - James Madison University

 Ali Aliyev - ADA University

 Omar Mammadzada - Bahçe┼čehir University

 Malik Haqverdiyev - Purdue University

 Javid Rzayev - University of Michigan

 Teyyub Qasimov - Koc university

 Ibrahimli Ahmad - Geneva Business School