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BSB Alumni Network Association 

Have you studied abroad? Would you like to continue developing your links and be part of the BSB social network?

If yes, then come and join the newly launched BSB Alumni Network Association.

No matter where you live or study in the world, our Alumni Network is available to you as a tool that can enhance the global reach of your experience. Throughout this network you will find examples of ways for BSB alumni to engage with BSB and each other.

 We invite you to explore the many opportunities available, from events at school to educational programming and network together.

Most of all, we hope that you will stay involved and stay in touch with "the best place of all – the British School in Baku."





Rahim Mehdiyev

King's College London


Ahmed Mohammed



Ateeq Rana

SISA School



Vatan Rahimli

Bahceshehir University


Rais Roslan

University of South Florida


Muhamed Hanif Badarudin

Satiya Wacana Christian University



Nijat Mammadli

Nottingham Trent International Col.


Nurana Mamedova

University College London


Mirgussein Mamedov

University College London





Maharram Hasanov

Bilkent University


Elvin Alishov

State Economic University


Mirgassan Mamedov

University College London



Ayaz Hajiyev

City University London








2008-2009 BSB Graduates



  1. Togrul Huseynov                                  University of Newcastle (UK)

  2. Ilham Mustafazada                               University of Wisconsin (USA)

  3. Nijat Ibrahimov                                     Carnegie Mellon University (USA)

  4. Amin Mirzaliyev                                   Int. University in Geneva (Switzerland)

  5. Tamerlan Isgandarov                            American University in Dubai (UAE)

  6. Emin Abbasli                                         Azerbaijan State Economic University

  7. Nazrin Sadigova                                    University of Birmingham (UK)

  8. Nigar Chandirli                                      Charles de Gaules University (France)

  9. Vasif Karimli                                         Florence Design Academy (Italy)

  10. Kamran Budagli                                  Schiller International University (Germany)

  11. Rustam Eynaliyev                                University of Indiana (USA)

  12. Aladdin Huseynov                                American University in Dubai (UAE)

  13. Farrukh Rana                                        University of Karachi (Pakistan)


2010-2011 BSB Graduates


  1. Emin Gubadov                                       European University Munich (Germany)

  2. Farhad Abdullayev                                 Stuttgart University (Germany)

  3. Sabina Ismayilova                                  University of London (UK)

  4. Huseyn Hajiyev                                      City University of London (UK)

  5. Emil Ibrahimov                                       City University of London (UK)

  6. Rukhsara Mustafayeva                           Girne American University (Cyprus)

  7. Fatima Babakhanova                              Azerbaijan State Economic University

  8. Ayten Mehdiyeva                                    University of Arts London (UK)

  9. Samra Valiyeva                                       University of College London (UK)

  10. Daniz Askerova                                     University of West England (UK)

  11. Rahul D’Mello                                        Epsom College (UK)

  12. Susan Rustamova                                   University of Arts London (UK)

  13. Javidan Ismayilzada                               Newcastle University (UK)

  14. Alina Noor                                               Kinnaird College (Pakistan)

  15. Connaire McVeigh                                  Stewarts Melville College (UK)

  16. Huseyn Hajiyev                                       Queen Mary University of London (UK)

  17. Khashayar Karami                                  University of Buffalo (USA)

  18. Laman Garibova                                      Bad Honef Univ. of Applied Sciences (Germany)

  19. Liliya Chikachkova                                  Moscow State University (Russia)

  20. Rukhsara Mustafayeva                            Girne American University (Cyprus)

  21. Azer Latifli                                               University of Exeter (UK)

  22. Gulay Aliyeva                                           Charles de Gaulle University (France)

  23. Ziynat Aghayeva                                      Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA)

  24. Namig Abbasov                                        University of Edinburgh (UK)

  25. Khosrov Sattarov                                       Royal Holloway University of London (UK)

  26. Niklas Cihan Shahin                                  Vienna University of Economics & Business

  27. Nijat Aliyev                                                Dixie State College of Utah (USA)

  28. Vugar Ahmadov                                        University of Economics in Prague (Cz.Rep)

  29. Fizza Mirzaliyeva                                      Azerbaijan State Economic University



2012-2013 BSB Graduates


  1. Ali Iskandarov                                               Liverpool University (UK)

  2. Emil Aliyev                                                   Heriot Watt University (UK)

  3. Samir Huseynzada                                       Coventry University (UK)

  4. Ruslana Abbasova                                        University of Hamburg (Germany)

  5. Idris Ibrahimov                                               ELTE University Budapest (Hungary)

  6. Asim Ahmadov                                             Ankara University (Turkey)

  7. Seljan Najafova                                             Lancaster University (UK)

  8. Leyla Aliyeva                                                Les Roches University (Spain)

  9. Ruslan Yusibov                                             Coventry University (UK)

  10. Ibrahim Bayramov                                      Westminster University (UK)

  11. Bahlul Yusifli                                               Baku State University (Azerbaijan)

  12. Anar Aliyev                                                  European University Munich

  13. Sevda Samadova                                         European University (Germany)

  14. Sarakhanim                                                  Mirizada CATS College (London)

  15. Akbar Gahramanzada                                 Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA)

  16. Mahammad Shirinov                                   Bahcheshehir University (Turkey)

  17. Aminakhanim Alizada                                Middlesex University Dubai (UAE)

  18. Sheyla Huseynova                                       Royal Holloway University of London (UK)

  19. Malika Magsudova                                      Middlesex University Dubai (UAE)

  20. Elisna Nel                                                     Middlesex University Dubai (UAE)

  21. Bilgeyiskhanim Mirizada                            SOAS (UK)


2013-2014 BSB Graduates


  1. Akif Hamishzada                                           SOAS (UK)

  2. Vugar Najafov                                                Sheffield University (UK)

  3. Fakhri Aslanov                                               UCL (UK)

  4. Khanlar Mammadov                                      CATS College Canterbury (UK)

  5. Baha Yeman                                                   Kadir Has University (Turkey)

  6. Avaz Bayramov                                              Istanbul Bilgi University (Turkey)

  7. Mehman Huseynzada                                     City University of London (UK)

  8. Farid Alasgarli                                                 St. George University (UK)

  9. Mirfuad Seyidzade                                          Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA)

  10. Farhad Jafarov                                              St.Clare’s College Oxford (UK)

  11. Aynura Ibrahimli                                           European University (Munich)

  12. Eyyub Israfilov                                              Vienna University (Austria)

  13. Amil Valiyev                                                 SOAS (UK)

  14. Jala Mehdiyeva                                             Queen Mary University of London (UK)

  15. Ateeq-Ur Rehman                                        A Levels in BSB

  16. Jamil Gasimov                                             Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA)

  17. Fidan Dadashova                                          Bahcheshehir University Istanbul (Turkey)

  18. Hafiz Mammadov                                        University of Northern British Columbia (Canada)

  19. Oktay Maqsudov                                           

  20. Andrei Baican

  21. Sabina Shukurova

  22. Niyaz Baghirov

  23. Elnara Naghiyeva

  24. Mahammad Safarov